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Our Operation

A Proven System for Branching

There’s a reason why Nationwide Equities has become a Top Ten Reverse Mortgage lender with a fraction of the loan officers, compared to names like AAG. It’s because we apply a proven system that works! We attract the top names in the industry and provide them with the very best pricing, products, and service. Take a look at what each of our departments has to offer.

Products & Production

Our fully staffed production team will work diligently to get your loans processed as quickly as possible. With underwriting turn-around times averaging less than 24 hours, you can focus on pumping more loans through your pipeline, while we do all the back-end production labor.

  • Underwriting Turn-Times Less than 24 Hours
  • Direct Access to Processors and Underwriters
  • The Flexibility to Use your Own Processor, If You Prefer
  • Live Help Desk to Run Scenarios and Expedite Files
  • Senior Level Review Before Any Loan is Denied
  • Highest Close Rate in the Industry

Licensing & Compliance

When you partner with Nationwide Equities Corporation, we have a fully staffed licensing and compliance team, standing by ready to assist you, at a moments notice!

  • Nationwide is Licensed in 38 States
  • All Licensing, Bonding, E&O & More, Included
  • Quality Control Done In-House
  • All Audits Performed & Conducted by Our Corporate Office



  • P&L On-Line Access 24/7
  • P&L Funded within 5 Days of Loan Closing
  • Commissions Paid Twice a Month
  • Bi-Monthly W2 Earning

Human Resources

When you partner with Nationwide Equities Corporation, you will receive Employee Benefits that our competitors find it impossible to compete with. These benefits include:

  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Care
  • Monthly Bonuses


Our Marketing Department has developed the NWE Shop for MLO’s to easily customize or order innovative materials pertaining to “forward” and reverse mortgages. 

  • Access to NWE Shop, which includes:
    • Customizable Marketing Material, Promotional Items, Stationery, & More!
  • In-house Support
  • Established Lead Programs


Our IT Department is more than just “Tech Support”, we offer a Complete IT Branch Solution that includes:

  • Technology Set-up
  • Configuration & Support
  • An Implementation Plan
  • Securing All Systems
  • In-House Support

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